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Premium VoIP Provider in Manitoba

Say goodbye to communications downtime with our advanced and reliable VOIP system in Manitoba.

Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a type of phone line that leverages digital pathways to facilitate sending and receiving of calls over the internet. It is a cost-effective alternative to the public switched telephone service (PSTN), which was the traditional technology used to support voice communication. We are a reputable VOIP provider serving Manitoba helping businesses enjoy greater operational flexibility.

Benefits of Our Hosted VoIP Services in Manitoba

Choosing our services comes with a lot of benefits, including:


With analog systems, adding more phone lines is disruptive since installation is on-site. With a VoIP connection, however, you can add phone lines in a few minutes simply by contacting our support team. Such scalability and flexibility are important when it comes to supporting business growth.


VoIP systems can be configured to facilitate simultaneous calling and call transfer. Such capabilities are important for businesses whose operations involve working remotely. You won’t have to deal with missed opportunities due to missed calls.


A VoIP solution is cheaper than traditional phone systems. With a reliable VOIP connection, you can improve productivity. This translates to more revenue for your business.


With no downtime and more add-on features, you can now meet your customers’ needs efficiently with our hosted VOIP services. Happy customers tend to come back, improving your profit margins.


Need efficient communication solutions that will allow for enhanced productivity and more cost savings? Look no further than AgileIP. Reach out to us for reliable hosted VoIP services in Manitoba.

We are a coast-to-coast VOIP provider in Canada.