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Call forwarding


One of the most popular features of our business IP phone system is call forwarding. IP telephony greatly facilitates call forwarding and offers greater flexibility in the use of the latter. What is call forwarding? Call forwarding is a pre-set program that automatically redirects calls received at your extension to another telephone number or another telephone extension. Not to be confused with call transfer which redirects the call from one extension to another, manually and on an ad hoc basis. There are several ways to set up call forwarding:

Always: If you activate always forwarding, all calls received at your usual number (or extension) will be redirected to the number of your choice, without any distinction.

If busy: A forward if busy is active when you are already on the line/on another call. In this case, and only in this case, calls received at your number will be redirected to another predetermined number (or extension).

If no answer: With this forwarding, you redirect the call to another phone number or extension only if there is no answer at your number or extension. You can select the number of rings before forwarding occurs.

On a specific schedule: We can also create a forward schedule for you. In this case, calls are redirected only within a range of hours that you have predetermined.


  • You must leave your office early, but you are expecting an important call, and you don’t like giving your personal number to your customers? Activate always forwarding, right from your desk phone, using a single button, and redirect all incoming calls from your desk phone to your cell phone or to your home phone.
  • You are sick, you don’t have access to your desk phone, and you want to work from home? A simple request by email, and we will activate remote forwarding for you, free of charge.
  • You don’t want to keep your customers waiting, let alone miss calls, but the call volume is so high that you can’t meet the demand? Disable call waiting and instead schedule call forwarding if busy. So, when you are already on the line, the calls received can be transferred (automatic forwarding) to the position of a predetermined colleague or an administrative assistant.
  • You want calls to your extension answered quickly rather than going to voicemail, but sometimes you must walk away from your desk and risk having a customer waiting? Forwarding if no answer is the solution! Decide on the number of rings on your phone before the call is automatically redirected to another extension, and ensure that your customers always speak with someone who can help them.
  • Do you want to be always easily reachable? You can schedule a call forwarding based on a specific schedule. Receive calls at the office as usual from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and outside this period, activate automatic forwarding to your cell phone, for example. Forwarding according to a specific schedule is also perfect for distributing calls to different positions according to each person’s work schedule.


Call forwarding with AgileIP's VoIP phone system is easier than ever. Do it yourself on your SIP desk phone or have our team do it for you. Never miss important calls that could cause you to lose an important sale or contract. Schedule call forwarding based on your schedules, considering your opening hours, or planning for vacations and holidays. Whether the line is busy or the person at the targeted extension is unable to answer is no longer a reason to lose a call!


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