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Auto-Attendant from AgileIP

Auto-Attendant or the more commonly called digital receptionist or automated attendant describes a feature in atelephony system (PBX) where a voice menu system helps the caller reach the intended extension/party without having to go through a human telephone operator or a receptionist.

Auto Attendant (IVR)

Features of an Auto-Attendant

This system allows any caller to connect to their desired party without any delays improving customer satisfaction levels. In case the user is not available at that time, the system provides the user with an option to hold or directs them to the appropriate voicemail to leave a message.

If the caller chooses to wait, the system can play a recorded message about the company and its services while keeping their call on hold for a certain time. This allows the customer to learn more about your company while they wait to be connected to the right party.

An auto-attendant can also use a database to keep track of its users and their names.  This feature, called a Company Directory, allows the caller to press the keys corresponding to an employee name to ring their extension. The system can also be configured to announce the employees’ names, which can be especially useful for a smaller organization.

On the other hand, if the intended destination is not a person but a general department like tech support, customer support, finance, sales, etc., the caller can be easily directed to their destination after hearing a voice prompt telling them which key to press to reach each department.

An auto-attendant is a cost-effective solution that frees your employees to perform other tasks. An auto-attendant works around the clock 7 days a week, and it even works on the off days and can play different prompts based on a specific schedule.

Even when your company is closed, the system will take a message from the caller, thus ensuring your customers are being taken care of no matter the day or time. It can also easily handle a large volume of calls and reduces the risk of human error by automating and simplifying the process of routing incoming calls to their destination.

Learn how your business can benefit from auto-attendant VOIP technology! Check out our article on the 5 key advantages of this feature, including improved customer satisfaction, cost savings, and more. Click here to read now!

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