Call transfer


Call transfer (not to be confused with call forwarding) is the act of transferring an external call from one extension to another. In other words, the transfer allows the person you are talking with to talk to one of your colleagues, or to leave a message on a voicemail box, without having to hang up and call back.

There are four ways to transfer a call:

Attended transfer: You put on hold the person you are talking with, while you call the person to whom the call will be forwarded, to know if they are available and / or to give them relevant details before making the transfer. This allows you to give the account or customer number beforehand to the person to whom you are transferring the call, or any other relevant information.

Blind transfer (direct): This is a direct transfer. As soon as you make this transfer, you are released from the call. The customer will then be put on hold while the extension to which you are transferring the call rings. If the person at the targeted extension is available, they will be able to answer the call. If not, the call will go unanswered or be transferred to voicemail if the extension has one.

Transfer to Voicemail: Different mailboxes can be assigned to different extensions. You can then make a blind transfer to one of them, allowing the other party to leave a message there.

Transfer to intercom: An intercom allows you to be heard by several people through a speaker system. You can put your customer on hold and announce who is to take the intercom call.


  • A client may have to speak with several stakeholders in the management of the same file. Call transfers are essential to the proper functioning of effective concerted work.
  • An attended call transfer prevents transferring a customer to a colleague who is absent or unable to take the call. Your clients will undoubtedly appreciate the delicacy of an attended transfer.
  • It is common for a client to have the wrong extension. Avoid unnecessary frustration by easily redirecting the call while ensuring your customer is talking to the right person, without hanging up or having to go back to the auto attendant.


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