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Phone system (PBX) features

AgileIP hosted PBX VOIP phone system is designed to provide you with a robust set of VOIP features that take care of all your daily communication needs.

Most of our phone system PBX features are included at no additional charge, and you do not have to pay extra for them.

The benefits of the VoIP phone system can ensure employees never miss a call, meeting, or message—whether they’re out of the office or simply away from their desks. Certain VOIP features can raise productivity for employees working remotely and in offices with multiple locations across different time zones. Most popular VOIP features such as Auto Attendant (IVR), Call Forwarding, and Call Hold can effectively reduce, if not eliminate, call waiting times.

Here is a complete list of our VOIP phone features:

  • Call Park
  • Call Pick Up
    – Regular
    – From call queue
  • Call Recording
    – On demand
    – Always (charges may apply)
  • Call Block
  • Call Queue
    – Hunting
    – Round robbin
  • Call Log
  • Ring group (simultaneous ringing of multiple phones)
  • Customizable Ringer Time
  • Paging
    – Through the phones
    – Supports integration with most PA speakers systems
  • Pin Code
  • Broadcasting
  • Intercom
  • Faxing
    – eFax (Send/receive Fax via email)
    – Fax through traditional fax machine
  • Find me / Follow me
  • HD Call Quality
  • Voice Artists Available
    – French
    – English
    – Other
  • Executive Direct Number (DID)
    – Get a direct number for specific extensions to bypass your Auto Attendant
  • Company Directory
    – Search by name
  • Remote Phonebook
  • Automatic Live Update
  • Hot Real-Time Failover
    And much more…
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