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Call recording


VOIP call recording services allow you to record incoming and outgoing calls easily and securely. VOIP call recording on-demand, in real-time, with one touch, and storing it on a USB stick using a compatible SIP phone is easy and efficient. Better yet, you can use our services to record every call and receive them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, thanks to our platform hosted in highly secure data centers.


  • Staff training: Play back calls from the new customer service representative or the new salesperson. Let them listen to a call made by a senior employee as an example and improve your training.
  • Quality Control: Don’t let your team get complacent. Evaluate periodically the quality of the customer service offered by your employees and identify the strengths and weaknesses of everyone.
  • Data analysis: Telephone conversations represent a wealth of data. Determine key phrases to improve a sales script and identify problem areas by analyzing customer feedback.
  • Note-taking: While on a call, note-taking can become a distraction, and human memory has its limits. Replace or supplement note-taking and don’t depend on your memory with AgileIP’s call recording option.
  • Dispute resolution: You receive a complaint from a customer about a badly ended phone conversation with one of your agents, but your employee’s version is diametrically opposed to that of the customer. Record calls!

Get VoIP call recording with AgileIP phone system

Call recording, thanks to AgileIP's VoIP services, is simple, fast, and efficient. Many businesses take advantage of this feature to gain important information that was not previously stored. Your company can optimize its operations and even create new products or services that better suits the needs of your customers by using the call recording service.


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