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Three-Way Calling

Add another participant to an ongoing call using three-way calling. A three-way call doesn’t require any conference call numbers or codes and allows up to three people to talk with each other.

What is Three-Way Calling?

A Three-Way Calling is a type of phone call in which three or more people can be on the call simultaneously. To make a three-Way Call, one person initiates the call and then calls another participant and merges both calls.
For a long time, a three-way call was an expensive luxury. With the “traditional” three-way calling, the caller needed to have call waiting enabled on their phone and dial in from another number. Establishing a three-way call often led to dropping the first one. But today, it is easy to use, and all you need is a VoIP phone system that includes this feature and a compatible IP phone. The AgileIP PBX platform supports this feature out of the box.
With AgileIP, you benefit from a fully functional VOIP phone system for the usual price of a regular business phone line. Please consult the complete list of VOIP features included in the AgileIP hosted phone system:
Difference Between Three-Way Calling and Conference Calls using a bridge
Three-way calling is a phone feature that allows another individual to join an existing call. All participants can speak to each other simultaneously on the same call. Three-way calls don’t require a conference bridge, making them easier to use than conference calls. Furthermore, there are no fees associated with this feature which leads to savings when compared to a dedicated conference bridge service. A conference call using a bridge also allows a group of people to talk together. The main difference (using a bridge) is the number of participants which can vary anywhere from four to hundreds. This type of conference call is usually planned and requires the use of a dedicated conference bridge.
How to Initiate Three-Way Calls with VoIP
3-way calls are easy to initiate. First, you need to dial out from your IP phone. Once you are talking with the first party to your call, you select the three-way option on your phone and dial the number of the other party you want to add to your first call. Once you have that person on the line, you press the Three-way button on your phone again to merge the calls. The procedure can vary slightly depending on the IP phone you are using.
To initiate a three-way call, follow these steps:
  • Call the first party.
  • Select the three-way call option on your phone.
  • Call the second party.
  • After they answer, you will have an opportunity to talk to them before adding them to the original call (if they don’t answer, you can go back to the first call).
  • Select again the three-way option to merge the calls.
Benefits of using Three-Way Calling:
  • Cost-effective communication: 3-way calling is a feature that is included in the AgileIP VOIP phone systems without additional cost.
  • More efficient workflows: 3-way calling allows you to dictate when the third-party enters and leaves the call. You can add them in as soon as the conversation starts.
  • Improved customer service: Customer service representatives can easily add a manager to any call using three-way calling to accelerate the resolution of customer issues. For example, the same feature allows a tech support representative to escalate problems to a supervisor or senior technician while remaining on the call.

Offer an improved customer experience with three-way calling.

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