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E-Fax | Internet fax

What is e-Fax?

E-Fax, also known as internet fax or online fax, is a method of sending and receiving faxes through the internet using internet protocols. This technology eliminates the need for a traditional telephone connection and fax machine, providing a more efficient and convenient way to communicate essential documents.

The process for sending faxes over the internet through a portal designed for VoIP is known as a fax over VoIP, or VoIP fax. Instead of sending a VoIP line for the fax, we use HTTPS. The HTTPS protocol is the same as the protocol you use when downloading files over the Internet; it’s very tough and fault-tolerant.

We offer two e-Fax solutions: eFax with an adapter and e-Fax without an adapter.

E-Fax with adapter allows you to continue using your traditional fax machine while converting the output to a format that can be sent over HTTPS. This means you can keep the same workflow and still enjoy the benefits of eFax. All you need is a special adapter that will convert the output of your fax machine to a format that can be sent reliably over HTTPS to our equipment, where we handle sending the fax to its recipient.

On the other hand, E-Fax without an adapter allows you to send faxes through a special email address or our online portal, which is very easy and convenient for most users. The faxes are also received and sent using HTTPS.

No matter what solution you choose, you can keep your current fax number: You keep your fax number, and there is no need to change it or get a new one. We can always provide you with a new fax number if you require one.


We use HTTPS instead of a VoIP line.

Regular VoIP protocols are not suitable for faxing. To ensure successful transmission, we use HTTPS instead of a VoIP line. HTTPS is the same protocol used for downloading documents from the internet and is known for its robustness and ability to handle errors. HTTPS provides a secure and encrypted connection for transmitting sensitive information, which is an important consideration when faxing confidential documents.

This is because VoIP protocols are optimized for real-time voice communications and may not be able to handle the large amounts of data required for fax transmissions.

Benefits of e-Fax

E-Fax offers many benefits, such as flexibility, scalability, convenience, and speed at an affordable price.

  • Speed and convenience: the ability to fax documents quickly and efficiently and receive them from anywhere
  • Improved security: E-Fax services are usually encrypted and secure and are not directly connected to your network, reducing the potential surface of attack on your network
  • Environmentally friendly: save on paper and make your business paperless
  • Cost-effective: E-Fax is less expensive than traditional fax machines
  • Scalable: easily add or remove employees from the faxing system and share the same account with multiple users
  • Keep current fax number: Keep your current fax number when you switch to E-Fax

Go paperless with internet faxing

Send and receive faxes using AgileIP electronic fax service.


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