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Single Number Reach

Single Number Reach (SNR)

Single Number Reach sends your calls to every number you set up as a contact number.

What is the best number to reach you? Does it change from one week to the other? Day to day? Hour to hour?  

One study shows that small businesses miss 62% of their phone calls and 85% of those customers never call back. That is a lot of missed opportunity no matter the size of your company. 

If you find yourself drowning in missed calls, a Single Number Reach service, or SNR, could be what you need to boost your sales. 

The Problem

It is frustrating for a consumer when they call to give you their business and all they get is voicemail, or worse, a message saying, “The number you are trying to reach is not reachable.”

But what can you do? You are on the move, sometimes in your office, sometimes at home, visiting some customers in short: you are running a business. You can’t always be behind a desk answering calls. Even with the help of dedicated employees, it can be next to impossible to get them all and as we have seen previously answering calls can have a huge impact on your business success.

You could fill your business card with every number your customer can reach you at, but this gets quickly cumbersome for you and your customer. Who wants to call three or four numbers before they finally get someone? Will they even try more than 1 number? Will they end up in your office voicemail while you are available to take a call but on the road? When will you be able to call back? The truth is that with all the technology we have at our fingertips we should be easy to reach at all time.

The Solution: a Single Number Reach (SNR)

Single Number Reach sends your calls to every number you set up as a contact number. When someone calls, each of those numbers rings simultaneously. When you answer, all the phones stop ringing. It is simplicity at its finest. 

No matter how many numbers you have, your customers know and call a single number and you get to answer the call wherever you are at that given moment.

No more missed calls. No more unhappy customers. No more lost opportunities. It’s the perfect solution. 

The Benefits

  • You increase the odds your customer will manage to reach you on the first try improving your chances of getting new business.
  • More powerful than a simple call forwarding service.  An SNR can simultaneously send your call to multiple phone numbers whereas a call forward is limited to a single destination.
  • Toll-free numbers are costly and customers prefer to call a single, local number. With an SNR your area code can be anything you want it to be and there is only one number your customers need to know.
  • There is only one voicemail box to check so you won’t miss any important messages trying to figure out where it went. You increase your productivity.
  • A local presence without the office expense. If you want, you can have multiple SNRs. For example, one for each market your business is operating in which could be a SNR for Montreal and a different SNR for Toronto.
  •  Call mobility improves your customer overall experience in dealing with your business.
  • Happy customers are loyal customers. If a customer knows they can reach you when they need you, they are far less likely to stray.

AgileIP understands the challenges business owners face every day and we are here to help make success through communication easy. Whether you need a Single reach number, a toll-free number or a more complete solution using our hosted phone system (PBX),
we can help answer all your questions

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Whether it is an SNR or one of our other services, now is the time to act. Your customers will thank you and you will quickly notice a positive impact on your bottom line.