AgileIP is a premium VoIP provider with a state-of-the-art infrastructure that is completely redundant,
feature-rich, affordable and can easily be scaled to the needs of customers of any size.

Amazing Support
Our dedicated, competent staff offers outstanding support.
Turnkey Solution
From the onset of the project through the day-to-day operations,
once our business solution is deployed, we offer a complete turnkey
solution to our customers. No IT know-how is required. We
ensure installation, training and support as needed.
Cost Savings Plus Premium Quality
Get the maximum possible in terms of cost savings without
compromising call quality and reliability.
Always up to Date
We are continuously updating our platform by adding new
features and ensuring our platform is updated with the latest
security measures. Your phone system will never again reach “end
of life”. Say goodbye to costly replacements and upgrades.
Fault Tolerance to Worst Events
The geographical distribution of our infrastructure ensures
survivability in case of worst events (terror attacks, major power
outages etc.). Each of our data centers is connected to the power
grid through multiple electrical substations and are equipped with
generators in case of complete power outages. Furthermore, all
our customers are connected in real-time to 2 different server
clusters. In the unlikely event of a server failure at one location,
all calls are automatically routed to the secondary site. The same
applies in the case of prolonged power outages or hardware
State-Of-The-Art Fully Redundant Compartmentalized Infrastructure
Powered by our fully redundant infrastructure, every piece of equipment in the AgileIP system has a hot counterpart in an alternate location and a cold spare onsite and offsite ensuring maximum uptime. Each cluster of servers is comprised of 2 hot servers in 2 different data centers ensuring an unparalleled level of redundancy and uptime.
Outstanding Connectivity and Interconnections
Each of our sites has multiple internet connections with a host
of providers ensuring maximum availability and resilience. Our
core site is also directly connected to over 15 data centers across
the US, UK and Canada through a fully redundant network. We
are interconnected directly (not through third parties or resellers)
with multiple Canadian and international carriers through an
ecosystem of private and public links ensuring consistent quality
and uptime.
Concurrently Maintainable
This means that updates to our platform do not cause service interruptions.


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