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Call monitoring

Call monitoring: what is it?

 VoIP call monitoring feature provides the ability for a 3rd person to listen to a phone conversation between two people in real-time. Unlike a conference call (teleconference), the 3rd participant is not announced by default and does not officially join the call.

There are four methods of monitoring a call:

  • silent mode: You join a call without anyone being able to hear you.
  • tutor mode: You participate in the call by whispering instructions to your employee or colleague, without the customer being able to hear you. In short, your colleague or employee can hear you, but the customer cannot.
  • supervision mode: You start in silent mode, but you reserve the right to join the call at any time. If you join the call, it becomes a 3-party conference call.
  • automatic mode: You receive a call when a predetermined extension makes or receives a call. When you answer, you join in silent mode, in tutor mode or in supervision mode, depending on what has been previously programmed.


  • Staff training: Tutor mode and supervision mode are great tools for helping a new customer service employee on their first calls.
  • Quality control: Silent mode is perfect for occasionally ensuring that the service offered over the phone is up to your business standards.
  • Telework: Telework has its advantages and disadvantages. With supervision mode, everyone knows that call quality control can be performed at any time even if the work is being done remotely. This allows you to maintain better control of your operations from a distance.
  • Teamwork: Would you like to work on a file as a team without announcing several participants to the call? Support the efforts of your employees yourself in a low-key way, or by adding a technical expert in tutor mode to the conversation. Bring a fresh look at your conversations thanks to call supervision with AgileIP.


The hosted PBX on AgileIP's servers, in addition to being secure and affordable, allows you to monitor a call in different ways, depending on the circumstances. Increase the efficiency of your employees, speed up your training and work as a team even if you are alone at home. AgileIP is the ideal solution for your business.


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