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Below is a list of commonly asked questions regarding AgileIP’s service.

Since the AgileIP phone system is hosted on our servers, in the event of a power or internet outage, your calls will still go through (since our system would still be operational). For example, if you have a greeting message that offers options to your customers, they would still hear those when they call your number. They will also be able to select the various options you usually offer.

Since the power or internet would be down at your location, we won’t be able to route the calls to your desk phone but we can automatically forward that call to any desired alternative number, such as your mobile or house phone. This kind of configuration is more resilient than what is available with a traditional phone system for example.

Yes. Your phone number can easily be ported over to our VoIP platform. Of course, you still retain complete ownership of your phone number and can easily transfer it, at any time, to another provider if needed. This porting process is simple and usually done within a few business days (5-10).

Yes. We offer free on-site or remote installation depending on your location and the size of your business. We have customers from coast to coast all over Canada and installation is a breeze and requires very little technical know-how. We also collaborate with your IT specialist, if you have one, to ensure proper configuration of your network if changes need to be made.

Yes, our hosted PBX is compatible with most VoIP phones using the SIP protocol: Yealink, Polycom, Panasonic, Grandstream, Astraa, Cisco, Snom, etc. Please contact us to make sure your current IP phones are compatible.

If you have a traditional phone system (also known as an analogic phone system or PBX) you will have to purchase new VoIP phones. Please note, VoIP phones cost a fraction of the cost of a new phone system so this is, more often than not, a sound business decision.

We can usually configure and provision your account in less than 48 hours. We also have most VoIP phone models in stock so we can program them quickly.

You can request to cancel your service with AgileIP at any time.

All you need is a router or a firewall and a stable high-speed internet connection. If you have an internet connection in your office you probably already have this equipment. We usually recommend a QoS (“Quality of Service”) capable device, but this is not always necessary depending on your internet connection and your usage. QoS analyzes and prioritizes the network traffic of your various devices. Granting a higher priority to your VoIP phones will prevent congestion on your network from affecting call quality. An effective QoS router/firewall will ensure that your VoIP phones will receive priority over noncrucial applications, giving you the best call quality possible at all times.

We will take care of configuring and setting up your phones for you. We offer a turnkey solution and configuration is included when you purchase your phones.

We have open-ended contracts. We are required by the CRTC to have a service agreement with all our customers but this contract is open-ended and can be canceled at any time given that all account balances are paid. We believe that providing good service is the best way to retain our customers, hence we do not lock you into long-term contracts.

All our IP phones use the open SIP protocol and are compatible with any platform using this technology. This protocol is an industry standard. Contrary to other providers who use phones that lock you into a specific proprietary telephony platform, we do not. You retain the flexibility to use our phones with any provider of your choice shall the need arise.

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