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CISCO VOIP phone system
Cisco Systems, Inc., commonly known as Cisco, is an American-based multinational digital communications technology conglomerate corporation headquartered in San Jose, California.
AgileIP works with an array of IP phones, including CISCO.

Cisco SIP telephones and AgileIP phone system

AgileIP system is compatible with Cisco phones that work with the open SIP protocol.
Cisco offers 2 types of IP Phones. Some of their phones are using a proprietary Cisco protocol and are not compatible with the open SIP standard while others are. Some of their IP Phones can be reprogrammed to work with the SIP standard. Please contact us if you have some Cisco phones and would like to know if you can use them with our platform.

Benefits of CISCO VOIP phone products

Cisco phones are famous for their broad range of models, which cater to many needs. Cisco phones will work with both home and business communication requirements. Cisco has always provided clear audio over Bluetooth, handset, and speakerphone. Able to function in any environment, the phones will look great in your office and last for years.

Cisco has a vast selection of telecommunication devices for VOIP.

Cisco Corded Phones
Cisco’s range of corded SIP phones is a good match to connect to hosted VoIP PBX services. Cisco’s Standard VoIP telephone features include hold, wait, forwarding, and transfer. Advanced features include user-selectable ringtones, and a visual voice message waiting for the indicator.

Cisco Wireless Phones
Cisco wireless IP DECT phones can be used in healthcare, food service, retail, and storage environments. Cisco IP DECT Phones are renowned for their adaptability, feature-richness, and consistent quality. The Cisco DECT Phone Serie has a long battery life and standby time, permitting you to stay seamlessly connected while on the move. Cisco IP DECT Phones let you and your staff answer calls throughout your office, go from place to place as needed, and respond quickly to critical calls.

Cisco Conference Phones
Cisco conference phone systems offer excellent sound and microphone performance for small to midsize conference rooms and can be set up quickly and easily. Cisco Conference Phones provide total coverage of the entire room with a 360-degree sound coverage. Three fully featured and hands-free microphones ensure the uniform coverage of full duplex conversations to prevent voice clipping or distortion. An external microphone kit further expands the available area and capability of the digital kitchen conference phone line.

Using Your CISCO Phones with AgileIP

Use your Cisco phones with the AgileIP phone system. Some of the AgileIP service benefits include:

Keep Your Numbers

Not only do you get the Cisco hardware that you like, but you’ll also keep the numbers you already have when you work with AgileIP.

No Contract

We’re confident you’ll be happy with our services and do not require a contract.

Free Installation

We get you up and running at no cost. Programming is free when you purchase your phone from AgileIP.  Use your preferred Cisco hardware with free VOIP installation, and you’ll pay the cost you were quoted for AgileIP services. Programming charges apply only when you already have your own phone.

We look forward to working with you in the long term and using this time to get familiar with your business’s unique needs.

Start Connecting Your Service with Your Hardware

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