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Music on hold

What is Music On Hold

Music on hold is a vital VOIP feature that allows people to hear something other than silence while they are put on hold or waiting in a call queue.

The feature is also known as Music On Hold (MOH), On-Hold Message, On-Hold Music and is included in our VOIP business phone system. The on-hold music can simply be a piece of music or it can include promotional messages or information about your company and answers to popular FAQs.

Music On Hold feature comes with multiple options and settings :

  • Default music.
  • Personalized music. We can upload your own music to play while somebody is “on hold”.
  • Targeted on-hold promotional messages. These are short messages that will be played while someone is waiting in your call center queue. They’re usually targeted towards a specific group of customers based on their interests. For example, if you sell widgets, you could play a targeted ad message such as “We’ve got some great deals right now on widgets!
  • Leave a voicemail after a set period of time. This feature will automatically transfer the caller to your voicemail once the music on hold has been playing for a predetermined duration.
  • Set rules for music and promotional messages by IVR, department, or extension.

Benefits of music on hold

The Music On Hold (MOH) can keep callers engaged and improve their waiting experience.

Playing on-hold music is a common practice, especially in customer service situations. This feature can prevent customers’ frustration and reduce your call desertion rate. A study indicates that up to 30 percent of all callers who abandon a call will choose not to call back, resulting in a possible loss of revenue for businesses that are not using on-hold music.

Here are some of the benefits of using on-hold music :

  • On-hold music can keep your customers engaged, especially when there’s no one available to answer their call immediately.
  • Reduce hangups with custom music that matches a business’ brand or personality. On-hold music keeps clients happier, so they are less likely to hang up.
  • Your customers can benefit from learning about new products and services you offer while waiting. You have an opportunity to increase their interest in your company during their wait time.
  • On-hold music can increase sales. In fact, between 16% and 20% of callers will acquire services or goods due to the messages they heard while on hold.

Offer your clients a better experience with the music on hold feature

AgileIP phone system includes music on hold feature for all calls.
The multifunction VOIP phone solution we offer includes everything that you'll need to make your business run smoothly.


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