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Conference bridge call

What is a Conference Bridge Call?
A conference bridge call is a phone call with multiple participants that speak to each other. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, callers can dial into the meeting with their mobile phone, landline, one of their IP Phone or even a computer in some instances. It allows employees to join a conference bridge call from different locations without any complicated setup or app.
Conference bridges allow for a much higher number of participants than traditional three-way calling. The conference bridge empowers organizations to setup with ease conference calls with a large number of participants without worrying about running out of phone lines. This type of conference call has more features and options than a regular three-way call. With a conference bridge call a host is required to initiate the call and several options are available: setting up a PIN code to restrict the access to the call or block the call until the host join the call, recording, etc. All of these features are convenient for coporate business calls.
How Does a Conference Bridge Work with AgileIP?
The conference bridge can be used as a separate service without using your AgileIP business phone lines. Per-minute calls into conference rooms are billed independently, according to the defined per minute rate. This service allows you to invite several people at any given time in a virtual conference room by entering a unique pin code. A notification will be heard when a participant joins the call, and you can have as many participants as needed.
VoIP conference call benefits
  • Host up 50 participants in a conference room and you can require a higher limit on the number of participants if needed.
  • Create separate conference rooms (bridges) for different departments such as sales, accounting, and customer support.
  • Join the conference call from any device: mobile devices, landlines, and VoIP phone.
  • Easily allow employees working remotely or from home to join your conference calls and meetings. The conference call bridge allows participants to dial into a virtual meeting room to communicate with the team remotely without any need for a complicated setup or internet connexion.
  • Conference call recording is available upon request.

In some instances, like for a board room a dedicated conference phone can add additional value. If you have a large conference room where multiple participants meet and need to call in the conference bridge together we recommend the following conference phone models:

Companies of all sizes can use conference bridges. For companies with operations in different countries and multiple time zones, a great deal of cross-functional collaboration needs to happen virtually. Businesses with workers and partners assigned to various locations need regular cooperation and a solution that ensures constant dialogue between workers even in situations were some team members only have access to a regular phone, their mobile and no internet and this is exactly the use case addressed by a conference bridge. Conference bridging ensures your workforce can easily and quickly meet virtually to solve your company’s most pressing issues.

Meet with your team remotely using conference bridge technology.

Connect everyone in one call with conference bridge call services.


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