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The Remote Worker’s Toolkit: How Voip and Softphones Keep Teams Humming


Do You and Your Team Need to Work From Home?

Do You Have Team Members and Employees That Are Constantly on the Move?

Business operations are no longer tied to brick-and-mortar, and entrepreneurs and teams that adapt to this new reality will have a significant edge over their competition.

In the past, allowing remote work came with a sharp drop in team cohesion, less efficient communications, and reliance on employees’ mobile phone numbers. Relying on mobile phone numbers brings its own challenges and is inflexible.

Using the AgileIP platform and our softphones addresses these challenges.

The VoIP and the AgileIP platform: The Phone System That Travels With You and is with you wherever you may be.

Think of VoIP as your phone line unshackled. It uses your internet to make calls instead of the old phone cables. Why does this matter?

Freed From Brick-And-Mortar

Your phone number, phone system, and phone lines are no longer tied to a physical location.

Bottom-Line and Capex-Friendly

No need to spend a fortune upfront to install hardware that will be obsolete the moment it’s installed. All you need are SIP-compatible IP phones to benefit from various advanced features.

Your Team and Business Are Growing? Do You Worry About Scalability?

No Problem.

We have freelancers operating alone and corporate customers with over 300 employees spread across thousands of miles.

Do you have big plans and want to grow your business at scale? You can consider scaling your phone system and communication to be already a solved problem: focus on other challenges.

Adding lines is a snap and can be handled with a simple call or email. Do you have some seasonal peaks and some periods of lower activity? Adjust your service based on your needs and improve your bottom line.

The “Anywhere” Phone

With a good internet connection, you’re good to go. Office, coffee shop, beach (if you’re lucky!) – location doesn’t limit your team’s calling power.

So Much More Than Voice

VoIP’s versatility makes remote life simpler. You can forward calls, get voicemails sent to your inbox, and even set up a virtual receptionist to streamline things.

Our Softphone: Your Office Phone… In Your Pocket

Imagine your whole office phone system squeezed into an app. That’s the power of a softphone. It puts all your calling features right on your laptop or smartphone.

AgileIP’s custom-built softphone app puts that flexibility into your remote team’s hands, giving them the agility to be productive from anywhere.

Untethered Productivity

Never miss a call again, whether you’re working from your couch or a client’s site.

Seamless Call Transfer

Gone are the days when a customer would call you, and you would have to tell them to call back the office to reach a colleague. Now, you can receive and transfer calls to anyone quickly and without any issue from your computer, mobile, or desk phone.

Who’s Available?

Solved: See at a glance who’s available to hop on or receive a call.

No More Missed Opportunities

Are you away and worried that you will miss that VIP call or that important deal you’ve been trying to land for the last few months? Simply redirect your call to anyone on your team while you are away, or if it’s critical, use your softphone to answer those important calls while you are on vacation. The choice is yours.

Easy as Pie

Even the least tech-savvy team member can get the hang of our well-designed softphone. To top it all up, the installation takes only a few seconds.

Agileip: We Speak “Remote-Work-Friendly”

Here at AgileIP, we know going remote isn’t always a walk in the park. That’s why we offer:
A Rock-Solid Voip System and Infrastructure

Because dropped calls and garbled audio won’t help anyone get their work done, our platform and softphone are backed by a top-notch, fully redundant infrastructure.

A softphone or phone system is only as good as the telecommunication infrastructure it’s connecting to.

An Intuitive Softphone

Features are great, but they only help if they’re clear to use. Our softphone gets the balance right.

Serious Customer Support

We do not lock you into a long-term commitment to prove our commitment to customer service and support. We have to make sure we service you well if we want to retain your business.

Want to see how your team can thrive remotely? Visit AgileIP, and let’s talk!


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