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Agileip’s Call Monitoring Is the Weapon You Need to Beat the Competition

Call Monitoring

Do you know how your employees communicate with customers? Many of us assume, quite wrongly in many instances, that our employees communicate in an optimal manner with our customers.

Most enterprises have absolutely no visibility in their employees’ dialogues with customers.

Employees can often feel left to their devices and lack the proper feedback to train them to become superstars.

Let’s see how our call monitoring features can help you and your employees achieve their full potential.

What Is Call Monitoring, and Why Does It Matter Greatly for Your Business and Employees?

Call monitoring lets you listen to live conversations between your team and customers. You can listen in on calls in real-time or later to perform call reviews. It allows you, or the manager in charge, to understand how your customer service or sales team performs.

Calls with customers, whether for service or sales, are filled with opportunities for improvement.

For example, you may discover many missed sales opportunities on customer support calls that would greatly benefit your sales team.

It’s also easy to identify top performers and support those on your team who need more training. Proactive employees appreciate the feedback since they may underperform through no fault of their own.

Often, a lack of feedback, regular training sessions, and call reviews is the root cause. This can lead to frustration within your team, with members needing to be made aware that they are performing poorly and depriving them of opportunities to grow.

Unlike regular conference calls, where everyone knows they’re on the line, call monitoring lets a third party join in without being noticed.

Flexible CALL Monitoring With Agileip

AgileIP gives you a lot of options:

Silent Mode
Perfect for stealthy quality checks. Supervisors can secretly join a call to assess how your agents handle customers, if they follow company rules, and pinpoint where they could use a boost.

Tutor Mode
Think of this as in-the-moment coaching. Supervisors can whisper tips and guidance to an agent during a tough call, steering things in the right direction without the customer being aware and improving service.

Supervision Mode
Start silently, then jump in when needed. This gives you the flexibility to first analyze the situation before deciding whether to step in and take over.

Call Recording
Another vital part of the call monitoring process is call recording. It’s impossible to listen in on all the calls in real-time. That’s why we fully support call recording. With our call recording you can review calls whenever it’s convenient for you and your employees and outside busy periods.

Call monitoring is more than listening; it unlocks a whole new level of service.

Level-up Your Training

Give new agents real-world experience with real-time support and feedback.

Quality Control That Actually Works

Make sure your team is delivering amazing service on every single call.

Remote teams? No problem: Keep customer service top-notch, even when your agents are logging in from home.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Seamless support between agents and supervisors leads to happier customers.

The Bottom Line

AgileIP’s call monitoring is your key to better service, a stronger team, and insights that will make your competition wonder how you do it.

It’s time to discover the difference these features can make for your business.

Ready To Get Started? Contact us for a free demo, and let’s show you how AgileIP can give you the customer service edge.


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