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Caller ID

Caller ID is a VoIP phone feature that displays the phone number or name of the person calling on the phone’s display screen. Overall, the Caller ID feature is a helpful tool for managing incoming calls and identifying the source of calls in VoIP systems.

Benefits of the Caller ID Feature

VoIP Caller ID feature is essential and beneficial for all kinds of businesses.

It helps them to keep track of their customers and know who is calling them, which can be useful for identifying unknown callers or blocking unwanted calls. Additionally, the VoIP Caller ID can help businesses to identify potential customers and clients more rapidly.

Display Information
Caller ID will display the information for incoming calls, whether it is your desk phone or Smartphone.

Name of Caller
You can see the caller’s name, whether a person or company, with the help of the Caller ID.

Received and Missed Calls
You can see the Caller ID information of received and missed calls. You can return any missed calls easily.

Available VoIP Caller ID Features 

AgileIP VoIP phone systems offer various Caller ID features.
  • Call Blocking: The AgileIP VoIP system can help you block unwanted calls on demand.
  • Company Main Line: With AgileIP, you can assign a single number as your primary line for your company. With this Outbound Caller ID (CNAM), you can create one consistent number for clients.
  • Update Caller ID: AgileIP makes it possible to change your Caller ID. Take note that it may take time for changes to be reflected in CNAM databases.
VoIP Caller ID is a valuable tool for communications at your company. By taking full advantage of a robust VoIP phone system, your company will be able to capitalize on enhanced Caller ID features and increase efficiency across the board.

Take advantage of the Caller ID feature

Upgrade to our VoIP service and get access to our advanced Caller ID feature, which allows you to see the name and phone number of the person calling you before you answer the call. Don't miss out on this valuable tool to manage your incoming calls and stay organized.


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