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SNOM VOIP phones

Snom Technology GmbH /snʊm/ is a German company that manufactures VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones. The company, founded in 1996 and based in Berlin, has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of  VTech Holdings Limited since 2016.

AgileIP platform is compatible with all known IP telephone brands, including Snom. The Snom IP phones feature solutions for businesses of all sizes.

SNOM IP phones and AgileIP phone system

All SNOM phones are fully compatible with the AgileIP phone system. As a pioneer in the telecommunications industry, SNOM has stayed at the forefront of innovation in VoIP calls and has used them to present safe alternatives for digital telephony.

Benefits of SNOM VOIP phone products

The Snom PBX line (SIP-based VoIP phone calls) is above average.
Snom has developed a wide range of secure, powerful, and feature-packed applications for its phones.
Snom phones are most popular in small and medium-sized businesses and home offices. Each Snom phone’s feature set provides unlimited possibilities for your daily work. The manufacturer has more than 700 settings that you can unite for optimal performance.

SNOM Desk telephones
Snom has been creating budget-friendly telephone systems for many years and boasts an assortment of aesthetically pleasing options perfect for any office environment.

SNOM DECT phones
The Snom office mobility product line consists of desk base stations and DECT phones. SNOM DECT phones ensure seamless communication with the seamless handover from the base station to the station or repeater. Wideband audio is available in all base stations. Wall mountable bases are ideal for small to large businesses.

SNOM Headsets
Snom offers both cordless and corded headsets for use in accompanying our high-quality desk telephone technology.

Using Your SNOM products with AgileIP

Use your SNOM products with the AgileIP phone system. Some of the AgileIP service benefits include:

Keep Your Numbers

Not only do you get the Snom hardware that you like, but you’ll also keep the numbers you already have when you work with AgileIP.

No Contract

We’re confident you’ll be happy with our services and do not require a contract.

Free Installation

We get you up and running at no cost. Programming is free when you purchase your phone from AgileIP.  Use your preferred Snom hardware with free VOIP installation, and you’ll pay the cost you were quoted for AgileIP services. Programming charges apply only when you already have your own phone.

We look forward to working with you in the long term and using this time to get familiar with your business’s unique needs

Start Connecting Your Service with Your Hardware

AgileIP is your leading VOIP provider, and SNOM is your favorite hardware. Aiming to support your company’s best services and products, AgileIP strives to be your go-to VOIP service.

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