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Snom M900

DECT Multi-Cell Base Station

The new Snom M900 DECT multi-cell base station has an entirely new design and new, versatile functions.
The base station has an integrated DECT manager and synchronizes DECT and LAN. The integrated DECT manager manages all base stations in one installation and controls them to ensure seamless, uninterrupted communications. This means that calls are transferred seamlessly between the individual base stations, even across multiple floors or buildings.
Security is one of many priorities in day-to-day business communication. It incorporates integrated TLS encryption offering absolute standards in terms of encryption.
The Snom M900 DECT multi-cell base station offers a solid foundation for several installations. From a tiny office with a single base station up to, for example, a large hospital with thousands of devices. The M900 DECT manager, housing state-of-the-art technology, can allow facilities comprising 1,000 base stations and 4,000 handsets. Maintenance of the devices can be undertaken quickly and efficiently.
One of the critical features of the Snom M900 is its compatibility with the AgileIP phone system.  With the Snom M900, users can take advantage of all the features and functionalities of the AgileIP phone system.
Snom M900 DECT Multi-Cell Base Station


  • Up to 1,000 base stations
  • Up to 4,000 handset
  • DECT and LAN synchronisation
  • No DECT manager required
  • Compatible to existing handsets
  • Over-the-air software updates for handsets
  • Repeater support
  • PoE and power adapter support
  • TLS encryption
  • Wallmountable



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