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Snom M90

M90 Antibacterial DECT Handset

The Snom M90 handset has been specifically designed for hospitals, institutions and environments where hygiene and cleanliness are essential. The M90 features an antibacterial housing tested to JIS-Z2801 for optimal cleaning simplicity. The antibacterial coating is remarkably sterile and has no effect on viruses. The term “antibacterial” indicates that some, but not all, bacteria are unable to attach to the touch screen.

The phone is also IP-65 certified and guaranteed splash and dust resistant, making it a safe option. A drop from one to three meters will not damage the phone. With a battery life of up to 12 hours, the Snom M90 can also be used continuously for a full day. The Snom M90 sets new standards in connectivity by relying on Bluetooth technology. This modern DECT phone also features color LED displays, wireless headset support and high definition sound.

One of the key features of the Snom M90 phone is its compatibility with the AgileIP phone system.  With the Snom M90 phone, users can take advantage of all the features and functionalities of the AgileIP phone system.
Snom M90


  • Parfait pour une utilisation en milieu hospitalier
  • Boîtier antibactérien
  • Combiné protégé IP65
  • Conception robuste et résistante
  • Support audio HD
  • Bluetooth LE intégré
  • Compatible avec une large plage de température
  • Attache pour ceinture intégrée
  • Compatible avec les stations de base existantes
  • D.E.L. multicolore
  • 200 heures en mode veille
  • Testé selon la norme MIL-STD-810g 516.6
  • Parfait pour une utilisation en extérieur
  • Testé par JIS-Z2801



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