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Snom M58

wireless desk phone with DECT Capability

Introducing the Snom M58 wireless desk phone – Your Ultimate Business Communication Solution with DECT Capability.

Discover the Snom M58 wireless desk phone, a powerful business communication tool that stands out for its DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) capability. Designed for enhanced mobility and flexibility, this desk phone comes equipped with a vibrant 5-inch color LCD display, offering a clear view of your calls, contacts, and settings. Navigating your phone’s features has never been easier. With 24 self-labeling programmable keys (8 physical), you can customize your phone to suit your specific needs, boosting productivity and efficiency.

The Snom M58 wireless desk phone facilitates seamless communication with essential features like Intercom, Hold, and Paging, ensuring your team stays connected and synchronized.

Notably, this desk phone boasts built-in Bluetooth for added convenience, allowing you to pair your headset or other devices effortlessly.
Experience exceptional audio quality, engineered for crystal-clear voice clarity with background noise reduction.

Most importantly, the Snom M58 desk phone is DECT capable, offering you the freedom to move around your workspace while staying connected. Enjoy the benefits of DECT technology, ensuring a reliable and interference-free wireless connection.

With the unique one-button paging feature, you can broadcast important messages to all devices on your network simultaneously, promoting real-time collaboration. Colleagues can respond promptly by paging back or calling your line directly.

Upgrade your business communication with the Snom M58 desk phone, harnessing the power of DECT technology for unmatched mobility and connectivity. Elevate your team’s performance and streamline your workflow today.

Snom M58 DECT


  • 5” (480 x 272) color LCD
  • 24 self-labeling programmable keys (8 physical)
  • Integrated Bluetooth®
  • HD audio support
  • HAC compliant
  • ***Requires the M500 Pro DECT Multicell Base


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