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 The Benefits of Conference Calling

In 2013, the average Canadian businessperson spent $656 for a business trip.  Prices have only increased since.

Businesses can reduce their travel costs with one simple solution that is often overlooked: conference calls. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of virtual travel via conference call.

Conference Calling Defined

A conference call, in short, brings groups of people together on the same call. It allows people in different locations to attend the same meeting and share ideas while traveling the short distance to their office phone instead of traveling across the country or oceans. Participants can also join a conference call using their mobile phone or any traditional or VoIP phone line.

Conference calls make sense when meeting a person in person is impossible, too costly or unnecessary. It allows two or more parties (sometimes hundreds) to do business efficiently and effectively. Conference calling still exists because to this day it remains the easiest most accessible/usable way to reach and connect people across the globe without the use of complicated technologies. This service does not depend on computers or on internet connections that can be problematic for some participants on the move or located in geographic locations where access to these technologies can be challenging.

Money Saved

Conference calling saves money in a handful of ways. It eliminates the need for travel and thus wipes out the idea of travel expenses. When you use a conference call, you no longer need an airline ticket, expensive restaurants, and a room or venue to meet.

You can share your ideas from the comfort of your own office be it at home or at work, and you can still collaborate with your colleague in London while you sit back in your favorite chair in Montreal.

Conference calling, in fact, is arguably the most financially sustainable way to communicate voice-to-voice in the workplace.

Time Saved

When you have a work meeting, be it coffee across town with a colleague or a trip across the country, you spend valuable minutes, hours, or even days traveling. You also spend precious minutes, hours, or sometimes even days planning the trip.

When you use conference calling, you put the meeting on your calendar, call a number at the appropriate time, and have your meeting. You’ve saved countless hours if not days by using conference calling.

You must use your time wisely in the call, though, just like in any meeting, if you want to save time. Have an agenda written out before you begin the call, and then stick with it so you can respect the time of all parties in the call.

Reduce Stress

Traveling causes stress. Will you encounter traffic or delayed flights? Sometimes meeting people face-to-face causes stress too either to you or your customer. Each party to a meeting can worry about a host of issues from being on time right down to the attire they are wearing.

When you use conference calling, you eliminate much of this stress. You’re no longer waiting in line at the ticket counter, hoping your flight isn’t delayed. You’re not worried about having your nicest suit on because no one can see you.

When you use conference calling, you focus on the ideas presented and not the appearances of the parties involved. You remove elements that can cause anxiety while bringing the real issues into focus.

You could certainly try to use video conferencing but often technology can be fickle. Nothing frustrates participants more than losing a connection in the middle of an important discussion. Also, you want to avoid as much as possible encountering a situation where your customer can’t access your “meeting” either because they are having computer issues or are lacking the skills required to connect. Sometimes this kind of situation can be enough to make you lose that business deal you worked on so hard.

A good conference calling system is extremely simple to use making sure every participant can connect without hassle every time. This service will have multiple servers so that you can get high-quality audio and connect no matter where you or your customer calls from.

Simple and Effective

Conference calling is the most intuitive, simple, and effective method of collaborating with a group of people separated by a great or even a small distance. It requires a simple call to a dedicated phone number and you’re connected.

Contact us to learn more about how to set up effective conference calls.

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