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7 Advantages of E-Fax over Traditional Fax Machines

7 Advantages of E-Fax over traditional fax machines

What is e-fax? Internet fax, e-fax, or online fax is the use of the internet and internet protocols to send a fax, rather than using a standard telephone connection and a fax machine.

You may have thought that the fax machine has gone the way of the public phone booth – just obsolete.

The fact is, while email became a popular way to send documents, many industries still depend on fax machines to send documents.

What’s the best way to fax? A lot of businesses still use traditional fax machines, but they’re missing out on some of the advantages of e-fax.

Keep reading and find out the main advantages of using e-fax over traditional fax machines.

1. Speed and Convenience

Traditional fax machines tend to slow things down and make your employees less productive.

E-fax offers the ability to fax documents and receive them from anywhere. This makes it a great option for businesses whom depend on getting documents sent quickly and efficiently and want to quickly route incoming fax to the right person.

2. Improved security and easily restrict access to the fax documents you receive

Data security is a major concern for most businesses. A data security breach can cause serious damage to your business. One potential security flaw is to have sensitive data on paper, which could easily be found lying around the office or in a file cabinet. Usually, fax documents coming through a shared fax machine are also easily accessible to anyone who walks by and can be read by anyone who has physical access to the fax machine itself. This is not an ideal scenario to secure documents.

Furthermore, traditional fax machines themselves, if connected to your network, have been found to potentially introduce security risks by inadvertently allowing hackers to access to your corporate network in some scenarios.

E-fax services are usually encrypted and secure and are not directly connected to your network thus reducing the potential surface of attack on your network.  This can help secure your network.

3. Environmentally Friendly and paperless

Does your company pride itself on being a sustainable company? You can uphold your company’s values by using e-fax instead of a traditional fax machine.

This saves you from having to print out documents to fax them, and then file the document in a filing cabinet. The same applies when you receive fax documents since they are in already in electronic format you can easily consult them and archive them without the need to print them in the first place. You save on paper, which save our forests and help you in your efforts to make your business paperless. You can also save on ink cartridges and prevent them from filling up landfills.

4. Save Money

How much do you spend on your fax machine? There’s the cost of the machine itself, phone lines, ink cartridges, and maintenance.

E-faxing isn’t free, but it costs far less than traditional fax machines especially if you fax a low volume of pages per month. With our e-fax plans, you will pay a small monthly fee that includes a certain amount of pages, plus a small fee if you go over your plan. You can also easily upgrade our e-fax plans to avoid incurring overage costs each month.

5. More Reliable

Traditional fax machines are susceptible to issues such as paper jams, breakage that can take the machine offline all of which can translate in lost business opportunities.

E-faxing offers easy to use faxing solutions that don’t rely on a dedicated machine to work and the service is always online and hosted in a resilient environment to prevent outage due to power outages and other circumstances that can occur in your office.

6. E-Fax is Scalable

You don’t want to be caught in a situation where employees are waiting in line to use the fax machine. As your business grows and changes, your faxing needs will as well and our e-fax solution can easily scale to accommodate more users.

If your business is seasonal, you may have more employees who need to fax documents during your busy season. During your slow season, you have machines and resources that aren’t use efficiently.

With our E-Fax solution, you can easily add employees and remove employees from your faxing system. You can also share the same account with multiple users if the fax documents you receive are not sensitive. If you are handling sensitive data you can have multiple fax numbers and assign one number per user to segregate the information. It’s very easy to scale up or down.

7. Keep your current fax number

We make sure you keep your current fax number when you switch over to e-fax. The transfer to our e-fax service is easy and we take care of making sure you retain your current fax number.

E-Fax is a Better Solution

Faxing documents is a necessary part of doing business. How you fax your documents can make a difference in your company operations.

E-fax offers flexibility, scalability, convenience, and speed at a price that’s affordable. Are you ready to switch from traditional fax machines to e-fax? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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