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Hosted VoIP Features to Elevate Your Daily Business Calls

Hosted VoIP Features

This article will review the top 15 hosted VOIP features of the AgileIP phone system.

AgileIP offers a wide range of  VOIP Phone system Features to meet the diverse needs of businesses. The system is designed to provide you with a robust set of  hosted VOIP features to handle your daily communication needs. One of the most significant advantages of using the AgileIP VOIP phone system is that most hosted VOIP features are included at no additional charge. This means you do not have to pay extra for features like Auto Attendant (IVR), Call Forwarding, and Call Hold, which are essential for businesses of all sizes.

The benefits of the AgileIP VoIP phone system are numerous. With hosted VOIP features such as call forwarding, call hold, and voicemail, employees will never miss an important call or message, even when they are out of the office or away from their desks. This can help to ensure that your business is always accessible to customers and clients.
The AgileIP VoIP phone system is ideal for businesses with employees working remotely or in offices with multiple locations across different time zones. Features such as remote extension dialing, call transfer, and call conferencing can help raise productivity and improve communication between employees, regardless of location.

Let’s review the top 15 Hosted VOIP features offered by AgileIP :


The toll-free number can be used by your customers or partners calling you from a location where long-distance charges apply. The purpose of these numbers is to reverse the long-distance charges generated from the caller to the company receiving the call, just as a collect call would. This allows your customers to contact your business without paying long-distance charges that would apply if they contact you using your primary number.


Auto-Attendant, digital receptionist, or automated attendant describes a telephony system (PBX) feature where a voice menu system helps the caller reach the intended extension/party without going through a human telephone operator or a receptionist. An auto-attendant is a cost-effective solution that can free your employees from performing other tasks. An auto-attendant works around the clock 7 days a week, and it even works on the off days and can play different prompts based on a specific schedule.


A VoIP voicemail is a centralized system that can store voicemail messages from people who contact you through your business VoIP phone system. This system is the digital version of the traditional answering machine in which telephone messages were formerly recorded and stored analogically. A VoIP voicemail is a separate service on which calls are digitally forwarded, received, and recorded. AgileIP VOIP phone system allows you to respond more quickly to customer inquiries by receiving your voicemails by email, at home, and on your mobile.


Caller ID is a VoIP phone feature that displays the phone number or name of the person calling on the phone’s display screen. Overall, the Caller ID feature is useful for managing incoming calls and identifying the source of calls in VoIP systems. AgileIP VoIP phone systems offer various Caller ID features: Call Blocking, Company Main Line, Update Caller ID.


Call hold is a feature of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems that allows a user to put an incoming call on hold while they attend to other tasks. The call on hold feature is commonly used in PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems, which are telephone systems used by businesses to handle multiple incoming and outgoing calls.


Call transfer (not to be confused with call forwarding) is the act of transferring an external call from one extension to another. In other words, the transfer allows the person you are talking with to talk to one of your colleagues or to leave a message on a voicemail box without having to hang up and call back.

With AgileIP phone system, there are four ways to transfer a call: Attended transfer, Blind transfer (direct), Transfer to Voicemail, Transfer to intercom.


Call forwarding is a pre-set program that automatically redirects calls received at your extension to another telephone number or another telephone extension. Not to be confused with call transfer which redirects the call from one extension to another, manually and on an ad hoc basis. There are several ways to set up call forwarding: Alway, If busy, If no answer.


Add another participant to an ongoing call using three-way calling. A three-way call doesn’t require any conference call numbers or codes and allows up to three people to talk with each other. Three-way calls don’t require a conference bridge, making them easier to use than conference calls. Furthermore, there are no fees associated with this feature which leads to savings compared to a dedicated conference bridge service.


A conference bridge call is a phone call with multiple participants that speak to each other. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, callers can dial into the meeting with their mobile phone, landline, one of their IP phones, or even a computer in some instances. It allows employees to join a conference bridge call from different locations without any complicated setup or app.
The conference bridge can be used as a separate service without using your AgileIP business phone lines. Per-minute calls into conference rooms are billed independently, according to the defined per minute rate. This service allows you to invite several people at any given time in a virtual conference room by entering a unique pin code. A notification will be heard when a participant joins the call, and you can have as many participants as needed.


VoIP call monitoring feature allows a 3rd person to listen to a phone conversation between two people in real-time. Unlike a conference call (teleconference), the 3rd participant is not announced by default and does not officially join the call. There are four methods of monitoring a call: silent mode, tutor mode, supervision mode, automatic mode.

11. INTERNET FAX | Online Fax

Internet Fax, also known as internet fax or online fax, is a method of sending and receiving faxes through the internet using internet protocols. AgileIP offers two e-fax solutions: e-fax with an adapter and e-fax without an adapter. No matter what solution you choose, you can keep your current fax number: You keep your fax number, and there is no need to change it or get a new one. We can always provide you with a new fax number if you require one.


A ring group is hosted  VOIP feature that allows you to simultaneously redirect incoming calls across different departments or extensions within a company automatically. AgileIP offers 3 TYPES OF RING GROUPS: Simultaneous Ringing, Sequential Ringing, Cyclic ring group pattern (also known as round robin)

A call queue is a feature in a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system that allows incoming calls to be placed in a virtual queue and handled by the next available agent. It is commonly used in call centers to manage high volumes of incoming calls and ensure that each call is answered promptly by a live agent. AgileIP offers 4 different types of Call Queues: Round Robin, Ring All, Linear Hunt, Linear Cascade.
Overall, call queues are a useful feature that can help businesses improve customer experience, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

VoIP call blocking is a feature that allows users to block unwanted calls on a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. It identifies and blocks calls from specific phone numbers or sources the user has designated as unwanted. There are several ways to block unwanted calls on AgileIP’s system: Blocking specific numbers, Using the call forwarding feature, Using the caller ID blocking feature.


VOIP call recording services allow you to record your incoming and outgoing calls efficiently and securely. VOIP call recording on-demand, real-time, with one touch, and storing it on a USB stick using a compatible SIP phone is easy and efficient. Better yet, you can use AgileIP services to record every call and receive them daily, weekly, or monthly, thanks to our platform hosted in highly secure data centers. Thanks to AgileIP’s VoIP services, call recording is simple, fast, and efficient. Many businesses use this feature to gain information that was not previously stored. Your company can optimize its operations and even create new products or services that better suit your customers’ needs by using the call recording service.

In summary, the AgileIP hosted PBX VOIP phone system is a powerful and versatile communication solution that offers a wide range of features to meet the diverse needs of businesses. With features such as call forwarding, call hold, and voicemail, employees will never miss an important call or message, even when they are out of the office or away from their desks. Additionally, the system is ideal for businesses with employees working remotely or in offices with multiple locations across different time zones, helping to raise productivity and improve communication between employees.


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