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expansion module

The Polycom VVX EM50 is an expansion module designed for the Polycom VVX 450 business media phone. It connects to the phone via a standard Ethernet cable and requires a power supply to operate. It allows users to add an additional 50-speed dial keys to the phone, providing convenient one-touch access to frequently used extensions.

The expansion module has a sleek and modern design, with a high-resolution backlit screen that displays the caller’s availability. It also includes a built-in speakerphone, allowing users to take hands-free calls or participate in conference calls.

Overall, the Polycom VVX EM50 Expansion Module is a useful addition to the VVX 450, giving users quick and easy access to all of your company’s expansions. It’s especially useful for busy professionals who need to handle multiple calls or tasks simultaneously.

Polycom VVX EM50


  • 30 multifunctional line keys
  • Dual-color (red or green) illuminated LEDs for line status information
  • Compatible with Polycom VVX 450
  • Up to two Expansion Modules can be attached to the VVX 450


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