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Yealink EXP20


The Yealink EXP20 is the next iteration of the T2 series powerful expansion module and is compatible with the Yealink SIP-T27G, Yealink SIP-T27P, and Yealink SIP-T29G  IP phone models. The EXP20 large LCD screen acts as a paperless label system for each of the 20 physical keys. Each key features a small dual-color LED status light and can be programmed with 2 different configurations. This allows you to have a total of 38 virtual keys that can easily be accessed via the module’s keys. Multiple speed-dial shortcuts can be programmed and the module can also be used to display the status of certain extensions. Up to 6 expansion modules can easily be connected together to meet the needs of the busiest reception desk.

EXP20 yealink VOIP phones
SIP-T29G + EXP20
SIP-T27P + EXP20

Key Features and Benefits

  • LCD screen with backlight (160 x 320 pixel)
  • Design compatible with the T2 series
  • 20 physical, dual-color LED programmable keys
  • Up to 38 paperless DSS keys (2-page view)
  • Up to 6 expansion modules can easily be connected to the host phone
  • Stand with two adjustable angles
  • Wall mountable (Optional)

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