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Yealink  YHS34 mono 

Mono Wired Headset with QD to RJ9 Port

The Yealink YHS34 Mono Headset with QD to RJ9 Port is a high-quality communication accessory designed for professional and clear audio interactions. This over-the-head headset is specifically engineered for businesses and call centers, offering a range of features to enhance the user experience.

This headset is equipped with a Quick Disconnect (QD) connection that easily connects to RJ9 ports found on many desk phones and communication devices. The QD feature allows users to quickly disconnect from their calls without removing the headset, making it convenient for busy professionals.

With its over-the-head design, the headset ensures a comfortable and secure fit during extended periods of use. The adjustable headband and cushioned earpiece provide a snug fit for various head sizes, minimizing discomfort during long calls.

One standout feature of the Yealink YHS34 Mono Headset is its noise-canceling technology, which effectively reduces background noise and distractions. The headset is optimized for HD Voice, delivering exceptional audio clarity and sharpness.

With the YHS34 headset, you can expect superior sound quality, making conversations more natural and easy to understand.
The Yealink YHS34 Mono Headset provides audio in mono, focusing on one ear, which can be advantageous for call center agents and professionals who need to stay aware of their surroundings while on a call.

One of the key features of the Yealink YHS34 wired headset is its compatibility with the AgileIP phone system. With the Yealink YHS34, users can take advantage of all the features and functionalities of the AgileIP phone system.

Yealink YHS34 mono


  • Sound Mode : Mono
  • RJ9 connectivity to Yealink IP phones
  • HD Voice/Wideband speaker performance
  • Noise-canceling microphone and passive noise cancellation
  • ActiveProtection technology safeguards users from acoustic injury
  • 330° bendable boom arm for easy adjustment without breaking


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